8th pass Anganwadi Helper Recruitment 2023 Download Provisional Selection/Merit List

8th pass Anganwadi Helper Recruitment 2023 Download Provisional Selection/Merit List

Empowering Communities: Provisional Selection of Sahakiyas (Anganwadi Helpers) for Poshan Project Tral

The Office of the Child Development Project Officer, Poshan Tral, recently released a public notice announcing the provisional selection list of Sahakiyas (Anganwadi Helpers) for the Poshan Project in Tral. This significant step towards community development follows the Government Order No 103-JK (SWD) of 2023, dated 28.04.2023, and subsequent approvals from the Mission Director Poshan J&K.

The journey began with an advertisement notice issued on 13.09.2023 (Notification No. CDPO/Poshan/T/Adv/2023/843-60), inviting applications for the role of Sahakiyas to contribute to the Anganwadi Centers of Poshan Project Tral. The response was encouraging, with four applications received within the stipulated cut-off date against the advertised vacancies.

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The merit list of candidates was meticulously prepared in adherence to the criteria outlined in the Government Order No. 103-JK (SWD) of 2023, dated 28.04.2023. The Selection Committee, convened at Dadasara “B”Trall and Sikhcheck B, played a pivotal role in assessing and selecting candidates based on their merit. The provisional selection list, documented in Annexure A, and the accompanying merit list (Annexure B) are now made public for the community’s information.

The transparency and fairness of the selection process underscore the commitment of the Child Development Project Officer Tral and the Poshan Project towards inclusivity and community participation. The publication of these lists aims to provide an opportunity for applicants and the public at large to review and raise objections or file appeals, if necessary.

Applicants and the general public are encouraged to engage with the process, ensuring that any discrepancies or concerns are addressed promptly. Objections against the selection list can be filed in the office of the Child Development Project Officer Tral, following the proper procedures outlined in the public notice.

This initiative not only marks a crucial step in enhancing the functionality of Anganwadi Centers but also highlights the importance of community involvement in the developmental initiatives undertaken by the Poshan Project Tral. The selected Sahakiyas will play a vital role in promoting child development, maternal health, and nutrition within the community, contributing to the overall well-being of Tral.

In conclusion, the release of the provisional selection list signifies a commitment to transparency, fairness, and community-driven development. As the selected Sahakiyas embark on their journey to serve the Poshan Project Tral, it is a testament to the collaborative efforts fostering positive change within the community.

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