Big Update Regarding Ramadan Artificially Ripened Watermelons in J&K

Big Update Regarding Ramadan Artificially Ripened Watermelons in J&K

March 11 (WD) Ahead of Ramadan, the Department of Food Safety in Jammu and Kashmir is urging people not to panic amidst reports of artificially ripened fruits flooding the market. Teams have been deployed in all districts to ensure that fruits and vegetables are free from harmful chemicals.

Social media reports suggested an influx of artificially ripened watermelons in Kashmir markets, prompting concerns from healthcare professionals like Dr. Wajahat, who emphasized the risks associated with consuming chemically ripened fruits.

During Ramadan, the demand for fruits, particularly watermelon, rises significantly in the valley, raising concerns about the safety of produce. However, Shagufa Jalal, Deputy Commissioner of the J&K Drug and Food Control Organisation, reassured the public, stating that routine market checks are conducted to safeguard consumers.

Market surveillance is carried out regularly to detect any adulteration or contamination in fruits and vegetables. Despite concerns, officials stress that recent surveillance sampling has not revealed any negative findings regarding chemical contamination.

Officials explain that watermelons can ripen in various states across the country at different times, suggesting that their availability in Kashmir may not necessarily be unseasonal. Additionally, samples taken in previous months have shown no significant negative results regarding pesticide or chemical contamination.

Jammu and Kashmir has consistently ranked highest in the Food Safety Index among Union Territories for the past three years. The index evaluates states and UTs based on various food safety parameters.

To further ensure food safety, officials encourage the public to utilize resources such as the Food Safety of India website and social media updates. Additionally, individuals can contact the Jammu and Kashmir Food Safety Department via the toll-free number 104 for assistance or inquiries.

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