Big Update Regarding Ripened Watermelons In Kashmir

Big Update Regarding Ripened Watermelons In Kashmir

In Srinagar, amidst social media reports of early-ripened fruits flooding the markets, particularly watermelons, the Food Safety Drugs & Food Control Organization of the Kashmir Division has directed officials to conduct thorough market inspections of fresh fruits, vegetables, and other food items, including sampling.

Notably, during the holy month of Ramazan, people prefer watermelon during Iftari to quench their thirst. However, concerns have arisen over rumors suggesting the use of chemicals to expedite the coloring of fruits, raising issues regarding food safety and consumer health.

Despite government denials of an influx of artificially ripened fruits and appeals for calm, the department ordered rigorousl sampling of watermelons across all districts of the valley. The directive, outlined in an order obtained by the Kashmir Observer, emphasizes the importance of ensuring the availability of standard food items to consumers during the upcoming month of Ramazan. Weekly reports on actions taken in this matter are mandated.

Yameen ul Nabi, Assistant Commissioner of Food Safety in the Drug & Food Control Organization, stated that samples of watermelon from various areas of Srinagar, including Fruit Mandi and Parimpora, have been sent to laboratories for testing.

While awaiting the reports, Nabi mentioned that initial physical analysis did not reveal any adverse findings. However, he assured that all samples have been collected and further clarity will be provided in the coming days. He also noted that only one variety of watermelon is currently available in the market, and consumers can identify genuine fruit based on natural ripeness indicators.

Shagufa Jalal, Deputy Commissioner of J&K Drug and Food Control Organisation, confirmed that sampling efforts are underway in every district of the valley to address concerns regarding food safety and artificial ripening practices.

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