Board exam 2024: 6 mistakes students must avoid before exams

Board exam 2024: 6 mistakes students must avoid before exams

students must adhere to a well-organised study timetable and remain vigilant to steer clear of common pitfalls during their exam preparation.

Below are the 15 paramount errors to steer clear of when preparing for CBSE board exams, enhancing your prospects of achieving success:

1. Procrastination: Don’t put off studying until the last minute! Create a realistic schedule and stick to it to avoid cramming and unnecessary stress.

2. Overloading with new material: Focus on revising what you’ve already learned instead of starting new topics at the eleventh hour. This can overwhelm you and hinder your understanding.

3. Ignoring health and well-being: Prioritise healthy eating, regular sleep, and physical activity. A rested and healthy mind performs better than an exhausted one.

4. Relying solely on memorisation: Understand core concepts instead of just rote memorisation. This will help you tackle unexpected questions and apply your knowledge effectively.

5. Skipping practice tests: Take mock tests and solve previous years’ papers to become familiar with the exam format, time pressure, and marking scheme.

6. Succumbing to exam stress: Stress can cloud your judgement and hinder your performance. Practice relaxation techniques like deep breathing and meditation to stay calm and focused.


Stay positive and believe in yourself! A positive attitude and self-confidence can go a long way in boosting your performance.

By avoiding these common mistakes and adopting effective study strategies, students can enhance their preparation and approach the CBSE Board Exam with confidence.

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