Fact Check: Government providing free laptops to Indian students?

Fact Check: Government providing free laptops to Indian students?

In the name of the Indian government, a new scam is going through the internet where users are being told by scammers that the Indian government is giving away free laptops to students and that they can take advantage of the offer by filling out a form on an official website. 

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However, people are cautioned not to fall for this con as it is untrue, according to PIB Fact Check’s background investigation. Here is everything you need to know from falling for such scams on the Internet. 

Prime Minister Free Laptop Scheme 2023–24 is the subject of the scheme’s circulating poster. The fake poster was discovered by PIB Fact Check, which later tweeted that there is no such free laptop programme being sponsored by the Indian Ministry of Education. 

The fraudsters claim that students from any Indian state may take advantage of the offer.

According to the fake poster that claims that students can get a free laptop as part of the government’s new scheme. To take advantage of the offer, people need to provide some information, and they are encouraged to frequently visit the government’s linked official website. 

However, the poster is a fake, which is rather clear given that the phrases are poorly structured and the grammar is incorrect.

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