Holidays Calendar 2024 Jammu Kashmir Download List

Holidays Calendar 2024 Jammu Kashmir Download List

Government of Jammu and Kashmir Releases Calendar of Holidays for 2024

The Government of Jammu and Kashmir, through Government Order No.1582-JK(GAD) of 2023 dated 11.12.2023, has officially released the list of holidays for the calendar year 2024. This comprehensive schedule, outlined in Annexure “A” and “B” of the order, is set to be observed across Government Offices and educational institutions within the Union territory of Jammu and Kashmir.

The announcement, made under the authority of the Lieutenant Governor, J&K, signifies the strategic planning and coordination involved in ensuring a well-regulated and organized calendar for the upcoming year. The designated holidays encompass a mix of cultural, religious, and national observances, fostering inclusivity and recognizing the diversity of the region.

Annexure “A” and “B” undoubtedly hold significance, as they detail the specific dates on which these holidays fall. This information proves vital for both government employees and students, allowing them to plan their schedules and activities accordingly. It also serves as a reference point for businesses and the general public, facilitating smooth coordination and adherence to the prescribed holidays.

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The inclusion of holidays in educational institutions highlights the government’s commitment to promoting a balanced and harmonious approach to learning, acknowledging the importance of both academic and cultural aspects in the lives of students.

The order’s issuance well in advance provides ample time for individuals and organizations to prepare for these designated holidays, ensuring minimal disruption to routine activities. It reflects the government’s commitment to transparency and efficiency in its administrative processes.

In conclusion, the release of the list of holidays for the calendar year 2024 by the Government of Jammu and Kashmir is a commendable step toward fostering a well-regulated and inclusive working environment. This thoughtful planning not only recognizes the cultural and religious diversity of the region but also contributes to the overall well-being and productivity of its residents.

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