JK Government Cracks Down on Unapproved School Fees

JK Government Cracks Down on Unapproved School Fees

In a recent development, the Government of Jammu & Kashmir has issued a stern directive to a local school in Srinagar for charging unapproved fees from students at the time of admission. The notice, dated 16/02/2024, was addressed to the Chairman of Doon School Srinagar and signed by the Director of School Education Kashmir.

What does the notice say?

The notice highlights a violation where the school is accused of charging developmental charges at the time of admission, an act that goes against approved norms. The government body cites section 13 of Right to Education Act 2009, which clearly states that no school or person shall be entitled to collecting capitation fees or subjecting anyone to any kind of screening.

The notice also warns that any violation in this regard is punishable with a fine that may extend up to ten times the capitation fee charged. This strict measure underscores the government’s commitment to ensuring affordability and accessibility in education.

The notice also reminds that instructions have already been issued regarding this matter and urges the school to adhere strictly to these guidelines, failing which strict action under rules will be initiated against those found guilty.

Why is this important?

This development underscores the government’s unwavering commitment towards ensuring that educational institutions adhere strictly to approved fee structures, promoting transparency and fairness. It also sends a strong message to other schools that may be indulging in similar practices, that they will not be spared from scrutiny and accountability.

This is also a welcome move for the parents and students, who often face difficulties and harassment due to arbitrary and exorbitant fees charged by some schools. By enforcing the Right to Education Act 2009, the government is safeguarding the rights and interests of the students and ensuring quality education for all.


How to report a violation?

If you come across any school that is charging unapproved fees or conducting screening tests for admission, you can report it to the Directorate of School Education Kashmir through their email: dsek-jk@nic.in or their website: www.dsek.nic.in. You can also contact them through their helpline number: 0194-2455095.

You can also file a complaint with the State Commission for Protection of Child Rights (SCPCR), which is the statutory body for monitoring the implementation of the Right to Education Act 2009 in the state. You can reach them through their email: scpcrjk@gmail.com or their website: www.scpcrjk.nic.in.

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