JKBOSE Class 8th syllabus 2024 Download PDF

JKBOSE Class 8th syllabus 2024 Download PDF

Srinagar, December 30 (KSA): The Jammu and Kashmir State Board of School Education (JKBOSE) has published the syllabus for Class 8 students for the upcoming academic session 2024 in a downloadable PDF format. The updated syllabus is now available for download directly from the JKBOSE official website jkbose.nic.in.

The newly released syllabus PDF outlines the subject-wise course structure and content for Class 8 students. It provides detailed guidelines on the topics, units, and chapters to be covered in key subjects like Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, English, Hindi, and Urdu. Some of the major changes introduced in the 2024 Class 8 syllabus by JKBOSE include:

  • Revised syllabus for Mathematics with new topics added on profit-loss, algebraic expressions, visualizing solid shapes, etc.
  • Updated Science syllabus with greater emphasis on practical experiments and lab work.
  • Changes in Social Studies syllabus to align with latest NCERT guidelines.
  • New prose and poetry selections added in English syllabus.
  • Streamlined syllabus structure and examination pattern.

The board has advised schools across Jammu & Kashmir to download the new syllabus PDF and plan their teaching accordingly well in time for the 2024 academic year. The updated syllabus aims to enhance the learning experience for Class 8 students and improve their conceptual understanding.

Parents and students can also access the new syllabus guidelines PDF from the official JKBOSE website in order to plan and prepare for the upcoming Class 8 board exams. The board has directed all affiliated schools to follow the syllabus strictly for Class 8 teaching and examinations starting 2024 (Kashmir Student Alerts)

Download JKBOSE Class 8th Syllabus 2024

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