JKBOSE Notification regarding Class 10th 11th 12th Annual Regular 2024

JKBOSE Notification regarding Class 10th 11th 12th Annual Regular 2024

Important Guidelines for Internal Assessment Submission by Jammu and Kashmir Board of School Education

The Jammu and Kashmir Board of School Education (JKBOSE) has issued a crucial notification providing instructions to Heads of Institutions regarding the submission of Internal Assessment Awards for upcoming examinations. This notification applies to both government and private affiliated High/Higher Secondary Schools in Jammu Division, including Leh.

Submission Deadline and Examinations Covered
Heads of Institutions are mandated to submit Internal Assessment Awards for candidates appearing in the SSE (10 Class) and HSP-II (12 Class) Session Annual Regular 2024 by or before 01-04-2024. The focus is particularly on Hard Zone areas of Jammu Division.

Furthermore, for candidates appearing in the HSP-1 (11th class) examination, Session Annual Regular 2024, institutions are responsible for conducting internal and external practical examinations. The results, including award rolls and answer sheets, are to be submitted to JKBOSE by the same deadline.

Key Instructions for Internal Assessment Submission:
Heads of Institutions must adhere to the following instructions to ensure a smooth submission process and avoid any inconveniences for stakeholders:

1. Download the prescribed formats (Separately for 10th /11 /12) from the official JKBOSE website (www.jkbose.nic.in) for marking.
2. Ensure legibility and accuracy in awards; cutting, overwriting, and the use of correction fluid are strictly prohibited.
3. Reflect the Roll Nos of ABSENT candidates as “Absent” and avoid leaving any Roll number blank.
4. Submit Internal Assessment awards (for 10th and 12th classes) or both Internal and External Assessment awards (for 11th class) in duplicate with proper signatures from Subject Examiners, duly attested by the Head of the concerned Institution.
5. Route the awards through the concerned Sub/Branch Offices to the Divisional Office, Jammu. Submission via email or post will not be accepted.
6. Clearly mention the complete examination Roll No. of the candidates in the assessment awards.
7. Heads of Institutions must maintain detailed Internal Assessment records (both internal and external awards for 11th class) signed by the respective teachers, Examination Incharge, and Principal/HOI for potential future consultations by BOSE authorities.

Non-compliance Consequences
Failure to follow the outlined instructions and meet the submission deadline will result in accountability falling squarely upon the Head of the Institution. Requests for exceptions will not be entertained without imposing post-examination penalties in accordance with BOSE norms.

adherence to these guidelines is paramount to ensuring a fair and efficient assessment process for the upcoming annual examinations in the Jammu Division. Heads of Institutions are urged to treat these instructions with utmost care and diligence to uphold the integrity of the examination system.

JKBOSE Notification regarding Class 10th 11th 12th Annual Regular 2024

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