Snow Alert: Snow prediction from this date

Snow Alert: Snow prediction from this date

Crucial Weather Forecasts for Jammu and Kashmir in the Coming Days

Prepare for significant changes in the weather as Jammu and Kashmir is set to experience the impact of two Western disturbances within the next 10 days.

First Western Disturbance (4th-5th January):

The analysis indicates the likelihood of the initial disturbance occurring around January 4th-5th. During this period, expect overcast skies with slight possibilities of light snowfall in select higher altitudes, specifically on the 5th of January.

Upcoming Western Disturbance (From 8th January):

Current observations suggest that another Western disturbance is anticipated from January 8th. Further updates on this development will be shared in the coming days.

Weather Outlook till 7th January:

Until January 7th, the forecast predicts predominantly dry weather, with a chance of light snowfall in the upper regions on January 5th.

Stay tuned for more detailed updates as the weather scenario unfolds in Jammu and Kashmir.

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