Train Timing Kashmir 2024 Kashmir Train Timing 2024

Train Timing Kashmir 2024 Kashmir Train Timing 2024

Enhanced Connectivity Unveiled in Kashmir: New Train Timings Effective from October 1, 2023

The enchanting valleys of Kashmir are set to become even more accessible for travelers, as a revamped train schedule takes effect from October 1, 2023. Catering to both local commuters and eager tourists, this updated timetable ensures a smoother and more efficient journey through the picturesque region.

The primary route, spanning from Banihal to Baramulla, operates from 7:15 AM to 6:20 PM, providing a comprehensive schedule for the entire day. This adjustment comes as a response to the evolving needs of passengers, with changes in train timings being a regular occurrence.

Noteworthy Stations on the Updated Schedule:
– Baramulla
– Sopore
– Hamre
– Pattan
– Mazhom
– Nadigam
– Budgam
– Srinagar
– Pampore
– Kakapora
– Ratnipora
– Awantipura
– Panjgam
– Bijbiara
– Anantnag
– Sadura
– Qazigund
– HRSB Halt
– Banihal

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The new timetable promises improved connectivity and convenience for both local commuters and tourists eager to explore the breathtaking landscapes of Kashmir. It reflects a commitment to enhancing the overall travel experience for those traversing through the region.

For those keen to plan their journeys effectively, the complete train schedule can be accessed here. Stay tuned for further updates as we continue to prioritize a seamless travel experience for everyone exploring the captivating beauty of Kashmir.

Remember, with the ever-evolving dynamics of train schedules, it’s advisable to stay informed about the latest timings to ensure you never miss your journey through this mesmerizing valley.

Train Schedule 2023: Banihal to Baramulla

LocationTrain 1Train 2Train 3Train 4Train 5Train 6Train 7Train 8Banihal—07:1508:3009:5511:5501:00 03:15 04:25Hiller—07:2808:4310:0812:0801:1503:2804:38Qazigund—07:3408:4910:1512:1501:2003:3504:44Sadoora—07:4509:0210:2612:2901:3403:5004:56Anantnag—07:5609:1210:4212:4001:4504:0105:07Bijbehara—08:0409:2010:5012:4801:5304:0905:15Panzgam—08:1209:3610:5812:5602:0104:1705:25Awantipora—08:2009:4411:1401:0402:0904:2505:33Kakapora—08:3409:5711:2801:1702:3004:3805:47Pampore—08:4210:0511:3601:2502:3804:5505:55Srinagar—08:5110:1411:4501:3402:4705:0406:04Budgam07:5009:1410:2812:0501:5103:10-03:3005:1706:20NADIGAM——————05:25—Mazhama08:1909:3110:47—02:1303:4905:40—Pattan08:2809:4010:56—02:2203:5805:48—Hamray08:4009:4911:04—02:3404:0605:57—Sopore08:4909:5711:12—02:4204:1406:05—Baramulla  09:10  10:15  11:35    —  03:0504:3506:25—

Train Schedule 2023: Baramulla to Banihal

LocationTrain 1Train 2Train 3Train 4Train 5Train 6Train 7Train 8Train 9Baramulla—07:3008:2009:2010:25—02:1503:3005:15Sopore—07:3908:2909:2910:34—02:2403:3804:24Hamray—07:5308:3709:5010:43—02:3203:4604:32Pattan—08:0108:4509:4910:59—02:4104:0005:50Mazhama—08:1308:5410:0811:08—02:5004:0905:59NADIGAM——09:01——————Budgam07:3008:3209:1210:3011:3002:0003:10-03:3504:3206:20Srinagar07:4408:5309:2510:43—02:1203:4804:45—Pampore07:5309:0309:3710:52—02:2003:5604:53—Kakapora08:0009:1110:0010:59—02:2804:0405:01—Awantipora08:2309:2310:1411:11—02:4104:2605:15—Panzgam08:3109:3110:2211:19—02:5004:3405:25—Bijbehara08:3909:3910:3011:27—02:5804:4205:33—Anantnag08:5009:5010:4011:42—03:0505:0705:42—Sadoora09:0410:0010:4911:52—03:1605:1805:52—Qazigund09:1610:1711:0212:17—03:3605:3106:04—Hiller09:2210:2311:0812:23—03:4205:3706:11—Banihal09:4510:4511:4012:45—04:0406:0006:30

TRAINS: The Srinagar Railway Station currently operates 19 trains continuously between Banihal and Baramulla, and vice versa. To travel from Jammu to Srinagar by train, you can reach Banihal via taxi and then board a train to Srinagar within the specified time frames.


1. Banihal to Baramulla
2. Baramulla to Banihal

These routes cover over 15 stations for passenger pick-up or drop-off. You can find the arrival and departure timings for trains at different stations in the tables below, with the location names listed on the left side of each table.

– Booking Counters: Operational during specific hours, staffed by trained personnel, accepting cash and digital payments, offering ticket booking and inquiries.

– Waiting Rooms: Separate for men and women, well-maintained, comfortable seating, charging points, television sets.

– Refreshment Stalls: Various stalls with a diverse menu, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, maintained by trained staff.

– Toilets: Clean and well-maintained, equipped with modern amenities, regular cleaning by trained personnel.

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