Weather Update for J&K: March 9-18, check latest Advisory here

Weather Update for J&K: March 9-18, check latest Advisory here

Forecast Overview:

The weather forecast for Jammu and Kashmir from March 9th to 18th brings a period of relative calm, with no significant weather activity expected until the 10th of March. However, residents should be prepared for changes in the latter part of the forecast period.

– 11-12th March:
Possibility of Light Rain/Snow at select locations.

– 13th March:
Anticipate Light to Moderate Rain/Snow across widespread areas.

– 14th March:
Chance of Light Rain/Snow, though limited to specific places.

Outlook (15-18 March):
Generally dry weather is expected during this period.


Avalanche Warning:
Residents in hilly areas are strongly advised against venturing into avalanche-prone and sloping regions. It is crucial to heed avalanche warnings and advisories for safety.

Farm Operations:
Farmers are encouraged to resume agricultural activities with the forecast indicating a period of relative stability. However, ongoing monitoring of weather updates is recommended.

Meteorological Sensitivity:

This weather update underscores the importance of staying informed about the evolving conditions in the region. The populace is encouraged to remain vigilant, especially those residing in higher elevations where avalanche risks are elevated.

As the forecast suggests a mix of precipitation and dry spells, it is essential for individuals, farmers, and local authorities to stay abreast of updates to make informed decisions regarding daily activities and safety measures.

In summary, Jammu and Kashmir can anticipate a relatively tranquil weather pattern in the coming days, with intermittent precipitation in certain areas. Residents are reminded to stay tuned to official meteorological channels for real-time updates, adhere to advisories, and prioritize safety in mountainous terrains. Farmers can cautiously resume their operations while keeping a watchful eye on weather developments.

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